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Choosing a keyboard or piano

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The most important thing when choosing a keyboard is to have something you feel comfortable with. I recommend 88 full size keys if possible and space permits. Most important of all is to make sure the keys are weighted. This will give you much better results working your finger muscles as well as make it feel easy to go between different keyboards.
Also don’t forget renting a piano or keyboard is a very good affordable option for most and often overlooked. I can help advise if you feel stuck so send me some options! Secondhand keyboards are also definitely worth consideration. Make sure you check it has a working sustain pedal and preferably inbuilt amplification and a headphone socket. Depending on neighbours or household members, it’s always good to have the option to play to yourself whenever you’re in the mood so I would say headphones are a must! Keyboards with extra sounds and beats are fun and I think there’s no harm in getting these at all. It might also be useful to check that there is an inbuilt metronome.
For choosing a piano, I highly recommend you play it before buying or renting. There are many variables including key touch, pedal sensitivity and approximate maintenance costs to consider. I’d recommend a friend with a musical background to assist your search if possible.

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